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Requesting and Confirming Letter

Requesting Letter

November 13, 2016
Heera Lee
ARMY Conference Center
Seoul, Gangnam-gu 147

Dear Ms. Lee

In our telephone conversation yesterday, we discussed plans to Dance Workshop at your conference center. I would like to confirm those plans.

The dates of the dance workshop are December, 30th 2016. The hours are 1:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M for session one, and 7:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M for session two. Fifty people will be attending. We will need two rooms: one large room and one smaller break-out rooms.

As we discussed, we will need speakers in the large room as well as a computer projection system. In each break-out room, we will need four tables, and a monitor.

On December 30th, we will have a catered lunch for session one, and a catered dinner for session two. I would appreciate your email me the menu choices as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, November 21st.

I would also appreciate receiving the projected cost for our one dy meeting. You do not need to include the launc and dinner catering cost at this time. Could you e-mail me your cost projections by  Monday, November 28th? I will give you final confirmation of our reservation by close-of-business on the 28th.

I want to thank you for your help in planning our dance workshop. I look forward to meeting you next week when I come to look over your facilities.


Jimin Park

Confirming Letter

November 30, 2016
Jimin Park
Seoul, Gangnam-gu 1310

Dear Mr. Park

Thank you for your November 13th letter expressing interest in Army Conference Center. This letter will confirm our subsequent telephone call discussing plans for your meeting.

We understand your company would like to reserve our conference facilities December 30th. Fifty people will attend your meeting. You will need a total of two rooms: one large room and one smaller break-out rooms.

As you requested, we will provide a speakers in the large room, as well as a computer projection system. We understand you are bringing your own computer. We need to know the computer’s model and operating system. Please provide us this information two weeks before the start of the conference.

In each break-out room, we will provide four tables and a monitor. Please let us know whether you want 5’ rectangular tables or 4’ round tables. This request can be submitted one week before the conference.

On December, 30th we will provide a buffet lunch and dinner. The menu choices were emailed to you last Monday. Please tell us your menu selections one week before the conference.

As you requested, I emailed the projected cost last week. After you decide on the required equipment and the type of lunch and dinner, we can finalize the cost estimate.

I appreciate having the opportunity to plan your meeting. We look forward to showing you our facility when you visit this week.


Heera Lee
ARMY Conference Center

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